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Summer Skincare Tips with CBD

Summer is officially here and with it all the sun and activities we’ve been waiting for. But all day under the skin can come with real repercussions.

When it comes to hot days in the sun, your body will go through it. Summer is when self care is extremely vital. I have found that I keep a few tried and true CBD products on hand to give my body a little break. But you know, I don’t gate keep some good skin care secrets. Here are some summer skincare tips to incorporate CBD into your summer skin care routine.

summer skincare CBD

CBD Oil for Sun Burns

I might sound like a broken record, but CBD is great for inflammation. When it comes to sun burns, your skin might feel swollen and dry. Especially the skin on your face. Having CBD oil in your medicine cabinet will come in handy on those particularly sunny days. Many people swear by Aloe Vera, but I challenge you to drop some CBD oil in there to add the pain relieving effects.

Try Mota Magick’s popular CBD Magick Oil for your nightly skin care routine.

CBD Balm for Tired Feet

Spending all day at festivals or out on the town can be so tiring on your feet. I know my feet can be so sore apart from DRY. Especially if I’m wearing sandals all day. I don’t know if it’s genetics but I always have to keep a CBD balm on hand. You can rub it all over your heels, your calves, and even your thighs. Not only is it moisturizing, you will feel relief from your soreness and it can even help reduce swelling.

CBD Oil for Dry Split Ends

Hear me out: you can absolutely use CBD oil in your hair. After a day at the beach, the sun can do a number on just about every part of your body. After I wash my hair, I take a couple of drops and apply it to the ends. CBD prevents breakage and can help your hair feel smooth and silky. I know it sounds crazy but you’re going to thank me after you try it.

CBD summer skin care

CBD in Your Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are a must in the summer. But buying so many of them can get pricey. Consider making your own scrubs at home, using CBD oil as a base. Making a quick mix of coffee grounds and CBD oil is a great summer scrub to keep your skin not only looking good, but actually regenerating it. You can use this mixture on your body, your lips, and your hands and feet. But remember to only make enough for each use and don’t store the mixture for more than a day.

CBD is not a one fix all, but the more you incorporate it into your daily routine, the more benefits you will find. The most important thing is to be consistent. It isn’t a band aid for long term skin neglect. Incorporate high quality products like Mota Magick’s. Most importantly remember that skincare begins within, and you’re going to want to drink a lot of water and eat plenty of fresh foods this summer.

I recommend snagging a Mota Magick Oil for face and body and a Massage Oil as staples in your bedside table this Summer 2023.


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