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Welcome to Mota Magick

Handcrafted healing Magick skincare made with the love you deserve

Diana sitting on a park bench

The genesis of Mota Magick is intertwined with Diana's personal transformation. As she navigated the complexities of postpartum depression, she found solace in the art of creating bath bombs and skincare products. What began as a hobby and a means of self-care evolved into a passion for natural, plant-based wellness.


Drawing inspiration from her Guatemalan roots and the wisdom of her ancestors, Diana infused her products with the healing properties of herbs and CBD, creating a line of natural skincare products that offered relief and tranquility.

“Our bodies communicate to us and it's up to us to listen and claim our power back by loving ourselves unconditionally. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves.  When we heal ourselves, we can inspire others to heal too.”

Meet our Creator and Founder, Diana

Drawing from over two decades of experience in healthcare, Diana brings a deep understanding of holistic healing and wellness to Mota Magick, infusing this wisdom into every natural skin care product and practice.


Each product at Mota Magick reflects her journey from survival to empowerment. Her story resonates with many women who seek to reclaim their strength, nurture their bodies, and embrace their authentic selves.


Mota Magick brings hope, inspiring women to prioritize their wellness, find peace in nature's embrace, and begin their own journey of healing and self-discovery.

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Our Practices

We handcraft hemp derived full spectrum CBD pain relief muscle balm, oils, body butter, and the best CBD bath bombs which may be utilized to encourage self-love, kindness and compassion for ourselves and each other, with intention and herbal magick.

Harness the Magick of Mota

Mota Magick is all about helping others benefit from the powerful properties of herbal, hemp based plant medicine.

Forever Fresh:

Every item is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness.

 All Natural Nourishment

 We use only simple, natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Thank you for your support


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