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CBD For Your Summer Skincare Needs

Maintaining a glowing complexion is a MUST during the summer months. Between harsh sun rays, salty beaches, and dry air, our skin sure goes through a lot. So it is a great discovery that our favorite medicinal plant can help us even during this time. Yes, CBD commonly found in a variety of medical products, also has a place in your skin care routine. Whether through Hemp seed oil, CBD extract, or another infusion method, cannabis plays an important role in maintaining your overall health. With this in mind, I have put together 5 ways to incorporate CBD into your skincare routine.

Hemp Seed Oil For Your Lips

The summer can be harsh on your skin, but especially the sensitive skin on your lips. In order to maintain a plump pout, I recommend using chap sticks or lip balms with a Hemp seed oil base. Hemp seed oil is a great alternative to petroleum or coconut oil because it offers a great amount of repairing benefits, without creating a thick layer where it is applied. The summer can cause dry, cracked lips and it's important to watch your water intake and reapply a good Hemp Seed Oil Chapstick.

End The Night With Mota Magick CBD Whipped Body Butter

Spending the day in the sun and heat can really dry up certain areas of our body. After a nice shower, we recommend applying Mota Magick’s CBD Whipped Body Butter With its luxurious feel and 3 infused butters, you will feel like a pampered princess. And that’s not mentioning the benefits your skin will experience with its regular use. It’s a great way to indulge your skin during these summer months, or you can use it as a spot treatment for those particularly dry areas of your skin.

CBD For Your Sun Burns

Want a quick tip for those bad burns that hurt? Stash a CBD oil in the fridge for a few hours. Before bed, apply the cold oil to all your sunburned areas for a refreshing relief. You can even make your own CBD / Aloe Vera concoction. Not only is it a quick soothe, it's a long lasting remedy too!

Mota Magick CBD Healing Balm for those Summer Aches

Summer can come with a lot of outdoor adventures and physical activity. With these come achy muscles. Mota Magick’s CBD Healing Balm is a perfect way to ease those aches and pains. With its easy application and thick, rich, creamy product, you will almost instantly feel relief. Not only will it heal you internally, Mota Magick products are also great for your skin. So you’ll be healing, while beautifying.

CBD For Your Acne

Did you know you can apply CBD oil directly onto acne prone skin? Even though you might be skeptical to apply oil onto those areas, we recommend testing it out on your own skin. You can use any of Mota Magick’s CBD infused body products to spot try. You can literally use CBD on your whole body!

When the Aches are Worse, Try Mota Magick Massage Oil Candle

Festival season is upon us and with it comes hours and hours on our feet. And while during the day, our ears fill with music and our bellies get full of festival food, we might not feel the soreness in our feet just yet. But when you’re home, all those hours seemingly catch up to us. Well don’t worry! Mota Magick’s CBD 3-in-1 intentional massage oil candle is the perfect oil to rub your feet and legs with. Not only will you feel relief, but the oil itself is filled with cocoa butter to moisturize and soothe your skin, so you can use it as a massage oil or simply a moisturizer.

Self care is what Mota Magick is all about. We help to make you feel pampered and taken care of, especially during the next few hot months. With products that focus on healing and nurturing, your skin will feel taken care of and ready for the next day of sun. Put your best foot first when you take care of and nurture what protects you from the elements: your skin.


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