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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using CBD Face Oil in Your Skincare Routine

Face Oil for Dry Skin

If you’re one of the millions of people scrolling Tik Tok, then you have more than likely come across a skin care routine video. Those addicting montages of people applying all sorts of liquids and potions on their face. On almost every single one of those videos, you will watch them apply a CBD face oil, straight from a dropper. And although we have to admit it looks so cool, there are real benefits to using CBD face oil.

Let’s get into why CBD face oil is more than just a beauty fad, and why you should be incorporating it into your skin care routine.

You Need CBD Face Oil for Glowing Skin

Nothing gives skin that shine and sheen like a good, quality face oil. Moisturizing on application and regenerative over time, face oils can serve multiple purposes. Not only can applying it all over your body be beneficial, but specifically on your face, where skin can be most delicate. Don’t be afraid to slather it on your body while you’re at it!

Remember that you don’t want to use any oils in substitute for sunscreen. Sunscreen is also an essential part of every skin care routine and should not be substituted. Make sure to apply sunscreen daily on your face for maximum protection.

Is CBD Face Oil for Dry Skin? Not Exclusively!

Many people have this idea that CBD face oil is only for those with dry skin. The reality is CBD face oil can be beneficial for any skin type. Those with oily skin who use CBD face oil regularly might notice that it balances their oil distribution. It can also regulate sebum production. Lastly, CBD face oil unclogs pores so it can be very beneficial for those with acne and frequent blackheads.

CBD Face Oil

Face oil can be used side by side with your daily moisturizer or anti-aging serums. It’s a perfect addition to any vanity, just make sure to stick to high quality, organic ingredients.

It Strengthens the Barrier of Your Skin

With the winter months coming up, our faces can experience a variety of harsh climates. Consistently using a face oil can help protect your skin from the elements and can even promote regeneration. Those who switch to using a face oil regularly see a huge improvement in the elasticity of their skin.

By aiding the skin's natural layer of oils and lipids, you will find that it not only moisturizes your skin, but also nourishes it. In fact, face oils are natural emollients, and are proven to soften and strengthen the skin.

The Oil Based Facial Cleanser is Trending!

Melt away your makeup with a face oil cleanser! Much better for the environment than makeup wipes and more effective than soap based cleansers! Using a small amount and rinsing it off won’t leave you feeling greasy, instead you will feel completely clean and refreshed. Follow it with a night time moisturizer and you have yourself a complete daily skin care routine.

best cbd face oil with frankincense and combination skin
CBD Face Oil with Frankincense

You can even use Mota Magick CBD Face Oil for Gua Sha

Mota Magick CBD Face Oil is 100% organic and natural. With a hemp seed and jojoba oil base, it is perfect with a gua sha stone. A Gua sha tool is the traditional Chinese act of using a smooth edge tool to stroke your skin. You’re going to want to use a rich and organic CBD face oil that will help your tool glide across your face without pulling or damaging.

A Gua sha tool helps reduce and prevent wrinkles. And speaking of wrinkles…

CBD Face Oil Helps Reduce the Appearance Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Sometimes it seems like we are on a never ending quest for eternal beauty. Tons of CBD serums, ointments, lotions, and tools exist that promise to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Well those who use CBD face oil already know how effective it can be for the same thing. Face oil promotes the skin's elasticity and as we mentioned before, can be regenerative as well. Moisturizing is everyone's #1 tip to keeping skin smooth, and CBD face oil works as an amazing moisturizer.

Minimize the signs of aging by incorporating Mota Magick CBD Face Oil into your daily skin care routine. Our CBD face oil contains Irish Sea Moss to help prevent acne, Rosemary Extract, and our Premium Full Spectrum CBD. Every skin care routine needs a luxury face oil that pampers and moisturizes your skin. Visit our product page for a full list of ingredients and order your CBD Face Oil today.


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