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Upgrade his Skin Care Routine with the Best CBD Beard Care Products

A simple stroll through the men's skin moisturizer aisle is enough to prove how little attention big box stores pay to men's skin care routine products. Products filled with chemicals, random ingredients, and harmful fragrances. But if men's facial care products are just as important to you as the rest of him, now is the time to upgrade his men's skin care routine! With the help of Mota Magick, you too can bond with your boo over healthy skin.

Those moments before bed can prove to be real romantic. Whether it’s in bed, or over your bathroom sink, time spent as a couple deepens your bond and connection. You two can find a spiritual bonding through holistic healing methods.

Start with Clean Skin

What does your significant other wash his face with? If your man is like millions, he might be using something filled with harmful chemicals. Even beard care products found at higher end stores like Ulta and Sephora can be harmful. Common choices are Cetaphil face wash or even Neutrogena face wash, which tend to be the better options. Whatever you choose, make sure to thoroughly wash your face to give yourself a good base for your skin care serums.

Exfoliate Naturally

Exfoliating is an integral part of maintaining healthy skin. Especially on areas that are exposed to the elements constantly, like your face. Exfoliate your skin naturally with homemade scrubs, many recipes can be found on Pinterest. A common popular one is the coffee face scrub. Another great way to naturally exfoliate skin is with towels and tools that remove dead skin cells. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re gentle with the delicate skin on you and your spouses face.

There are many great ways to exfoliate, but stay away from products like St Ives face scrub. Not only are they bad for your skin, they’re also bad for the environment.

Beard Care Products for the Modern Man

A bearded man is a man who needs the best products for beard care, natural skincare for men and the best beard trim near me. CBD beard oil not only keeps the beard shiny and slick, it has many benefits for the hair and even the skin on his chin. Men should comb and detangle their beard regularly, and wash it as well. They require their own maintenance, and CBD beard oil should be a part of that.

What does beard oil do?

It conditions and moisturizes the tough skin and hair on men’s faces.

There is no best beard oil on the market, but we always recommend the more natural skincare products for men. Mota Magick CBD Beard Oil is a collaboration with the best barber shop for beards in Chicago at Elevated Pilsen, the best barber in Pilsen, Chicago, IL to create a nourishing CBD Beard Oil specifically for beards. Shop for our CBD Beard Oil here.

How to Use CBD Beard Oil

Take a nickel sized amount of CBD Beard Oil, or quarter sized depending on the beard length. Rub it in between the palm of your hands until evenly distributed and then comb your fingers through the underside of your chin, through your beard, and up to your cheeks. Make sure to get it directly through to your skin, and apply the oil from root to tips. This will ensure you get the best use out of your CBD Beard Oil for sensitive skin.

His & Her Face Oils

Have you incorporated CBD Face Oils into your skin care routine? CBD Face oils are not only for those with a beard, you can use CBD Face Oils for sensitive skin with the many CBD benefits for skin. In fact, many of the people who use our products use our CBD face oil for a Gua Sha tool massage routine.

Some of the best CBD face oil for glowing skin includes all natural products and oils. You can even read our previous post for how to use a Gua Sha.

A visit through the men's lotion aisle at any drug store won’t provide many options. That’s because big brands believe men don’t value their skin or self care. Here at Mota Magick we know that this just isn’t true. All of Mota Magick products can be used by your or your spouse, to benefit from the same high quality ingredients and full spectrum CBD oil.

No Valentine’s season is complete without a couples massage. End the night with moisturized skin and a relaxed body.

Using one of our CBD Massage Oils to turn the heat up. That’s a night cap you both can enjoy. Show him how much you really care! Pamper and soothe the special someone in your life with a personal CBD massage oil courtesy of Mota Magick. Harness the Magick of Mota together with a full body experience.


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