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2024 New Years Resolutions with Mota Magick

New Year, New You!

But if you are still using products filled with chemicals and toxins, then this New Year we have some resolutions that will seriously improve your quality of life. Featuring some of Mota Magick’s best sellers, and pulling back the curtain on some of the toxic ingredients in your vanity.

Let’s visit some of the most important aspects of maintaining a holistic self care routine. With our very first resolution:

Decompress Often

In the busy hustle and bustle of daily life, we often forget to prioritize our peace. The reality is, decompressing helps busy individuals on so many levels. Instead of ignoring your needs, take the time to prioritize your mental health. Through whatever means you prefer. Some people find solace in working out, others in taking up a manual hobby. Whatever you choose, just make sure to give yourself some time to unwind.

150 mg CBD bath bomb benefits

A great way to really decompress is with a nice warm bath. Featuring Mota Magick’s popular bath bomb with CBD made with 150 mg of full spectrum CBD, you will feel your worries float away. Indulge your mind, body, and soul with a warm bath that transports you from your bathroom into ecstasy.

Incorporate Sunscreen into Your Daily Routine

Ah, Mr. Sun. We love him, but he sure can be brutal. Bearing down on our skin through Summer, Spring, Fall, and even Winter, as we are seeing this year. That is why we recommend incorporating Sunscreen into your daily routine. Especially on your face, where your skin is delicate and more prone to tanning / burning. Opt for a higher SPF, like 50+. Not only is it vital for anti-aging, but it’s important for those that suffer from sun spots.

One of Diana’s favorite Sunscreen is incorporated into her CC cream from Suntegrity. It’s mineral based and has SPF 30. You can check it out here.

Toss Out Your Old Skin Care Products

In 2024, we are saying BYE BYE to toxic skin care products that are harmful, bad for the environment, and filled with questionable chemicals. We are stepping into a new era of non-toxic, holistic skin care products that improve our daily life. Vaselines and lotions that don’t really moisturize you are a thing of the past. We recommend looking through your vanity and tossing out anything that is expired, unused, or that contains harmful ingredients. You can slowly begin replacing them with better products. Products like our Mota Magick CBD Body Butter. Not only is it luxurious, but it penetrates your skin to really moisturize and repair. And with access to our Lab Tests and full Ingredients List, you’ll feel good about using it as well.

CBD body butter benefits

At night, you can even slather on a thick layer of this full spectrum CBD Body Butter to your feet and cover them in socks. Some other places you might want to slather on our CBD Body Butter: your eyebrows, your hands, your elbows, and your knees.

Make Time For YOU

We get it, you’re a busy individual. In fact, most people don’t even take time to really care for themselves. That needs to stop in 2024. We juggle work, family, responsibilities, and doing so on empty batteries can prove to be detrimental. You deserve all the attention and care that you give to the world, unapologetically. This year we hope you are truly able to give yourself the time and energy you need, whether through meditation, journaling, yoga, or even exercising. You deserve this effort.

Everyone knows I am faithful to my skincare routine, and one part of it that I particularly lose myself in is a Gua Sha routine. Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method that promotes circulation and also treats chronic pain. You can find benefits in the strong, long sweeps across your face. There are countless videos on Youtube that will walk you through how exactly to do it. Mota Magick carries your choice of a jade gua sha or a rose quartz gua sha and each one come with a travel size sample of Mota Magick CBD Face Oil. You can add a Gua Sha massage routine for a luxurious step in your skin care.

Most Importantly: Prioritize Your Health

cbd and yoga benefits

Most importantly, we hope that you really prioritize your health and wellness this year.

Sometimes we make goals about weight loss and fitness, without really considering our internal and mental health. This year we hope you make decisions that improve your quality of life. Visiting your doctor regularly, and consuming the type of food and drink your body needs to work at its highest capacity. Taking the time to care for yourself now can prevent you from facing consequences with your health later.

Your New Year's Resolutions should make it through January! All it takes is a little dedication and a lot of passion. Mota Magick is here for your holistic wellness needs, and through her website and social media she is regularly sharing tips, products, and even events related to health and wellness. Visit the shop so you can incorporate Mota Magick into your 2024, it’s a New Years Resolution you can check off now.

What are your 2024 resolutions? How do you plan on executing your goals?


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