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Mota Magick’s Guide to Medicinal Herbs at the Grocery Store

Did you know rubbing an onion on inflamed acne can help soothe and reduce the inflammation? Or that cilantro can help with the appearance of blackheads? So many skincare secrets hiding just inside the produce section of your favorite grocery store. Ingredients like Arnica, a flower with so many medicinal properties that can be made into teas, and balms alike.

At Mota Magick, we are well versed in these healing herbs. Many of these herbal ingredients are infused in our natural skin care products. We’ve put together this quick guide that you can pull out next time you’re grocery shopping at a herbal store near me. You’ll be surprised with how many supplements and vitamins you can replace with natural, whole foods.

eucalyptus shower steamer in a herb shop or apothecary near me


We’ll start with a plant that you might have already heard of. You've probably seen the Pinterest worthy images of fabulous shower heads delicately draped with Eucalyptus. And it’s no wonder why. From helping with depression to relieving congestion, it is a powerful plant and one that you’ll want to keep in your home. Our shower steamers contain eucalyptus essential oil which are perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Health food stores in Chicago like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Jewel usually carry fresh Eucalyptus that you can use at home. Quick tip before you hang it on your shower: while it’s still in its packaging, roll it around to crush some of the leaves. It will make the Eucalyptus even more fragrant, and effective.


A common herb that has immense benefits is mint. Commonly used as a tea, in topicals, or even to treat toothaches and pains, we are lucky that it grows easily across the US. Referred to as yerba buena, this herb is popular during the winter months to help treat the common cold or flu. You can find it in different herb sections and even in gardening stores and greenhouses.

Peppermint is also commonly found at the grocery store and can be used to treat digestive and gut issues. We carry aromatherapy steamer for shower and a CBD bath bomb containing peppermint essential oil. It is also easy to grow and commonly found in areas where vegetation grows naturally.


Ginger, a spicy but beloved root that is used in a variety of dishes. You might have most commonly experienced Ginger with immune boost shots because it has many benefits that you might not know of. It has long been used to help treat nausea and morning sickness that is common in pregnancy. Similarly, it treats those same ailments in those being treated by chemotherapy.

Ginger also increases serotonin and dopamine levels. A surprising fact that means it could provide benefits for anxiety, depression, dementia, and even PTSD.


Beneficial in its dried form, but a powerhouse when fresh, Lavender not only smells good, it also offers an extensive list of benefits. Most commonly, Lavender is used to help with sleep. Many sleep aid products contain Lavender to some extent, but even just keeping a bouquet near your bed can offer an easy, and natural, way to relax.

Lavender is also a natural anti-inflammatory, can be used on the skin, and has even been linked to hair growth. Very easy to find in a garden center or at a grocery store, or even flower stores. In fact, we incorporate Lavender, and other herbs, in our products, like our Revitalize CBD Bath Bombs and steamer for showers.


Any medicinal herb list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of this beloved herb. Rosemary, while great on steak, can offer so many benefits if used on its own. In fact, Rosemary has a cult like following from those who believe that it stimulates hair growth. It’s also believed that applying Rosemary oil directly on to your abdomen can help treat common gut issues like indigestion, gas, and more.

But please do your research when using large amounts of Rosemary, or when using it for an extended period of time, as this can be more detrimental than beneficial. Rosemary oil can be purchased at health stores, but you can commonly purchase fresh Rosemary at your local grocery store. Our Bath bomb with CBD near me, Ground, contains rosemary along with ylang ylang and sage essential oils and topped with fresh rose petals.

apothecary herb shop near me


Intimidated by this bright yellow powder? You’re not alone, but trust us when we say: you’re going to want to have some on hand. Turmeric as a dietary supplement is used in the treatment of digestive disorders, depression, arthritis, and even liver disease, and that’s only the start of it. In India, where it is traditionally used in curry dishes, turmeric is used on the skin. Where it is used to treat hyper-pigmentation, acne, and dark circles.

Other Medicinal Herbal Finds

The opportunities are endless once you make your way down the produce section. Depending on your location, you can stumble across real gems like Beeswax, and even Arnica. Beeswax is often used in chap stick or applied to problem areas like elbows and knees to preserve moisture and soften skin. As we mentioned before, Arnica is often found in balms and is used for its pain relieving properties. It usually is applied onto bruises, sprains, or other pains, and you can actually find it in the Magick CBD Muscle Balm.

Many of the ingredients on this list are used in Mota Magick Products. Do you already have any of these herbs in your fridge or spice rack? What are some of your favorite medicinal herbs?


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