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Welcome to Mota Magick

Handcrafted healing Magick made with the love you deserve

Diana sitting on a park bench

For years and years, like so many of us, Diana lived her life in survival mode.  Working for over 15 years in a strenuous healthcare career, taking care of her family, and keeping it together for everyone around her was taking a serious toll on her mental and physical wellbeing.

“I started having pain and numbness down my left shoulder to my hands…I realized that taking care of others for so long was beginning to affect my own physical and mental health, and I thought, ‘Who is going to take care of me if I break down?’  It was a wake up call for some serious self-care, gentleness, and life-changing decisions.”

“Our bodies communicate to us and it's up to us to listen and claim our power back by loving ourselves unconditionally. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves.  When we heal ourselves, we can inspire others to heal too.”

Meet our Creator and Founder, Diana

Diana embarked on a life-long path to healing and self love. Among her initial discoveries, she found sanctuary in an unlikely place: the safety of her very own bath tub.


“Along with therapy and doing the inner work, taking baths allowed me to feel safe enough to feel my feelings and start discovering my authentic self.  It was one of the tools I used to learn how to start loving myself after becoming a mother.”

As she continued developing her own modalities and expanding her repertoire, Diana became a Reiki practitioner and learned about holistic healing and plant medicine.  She began putting her growing knowledge to practice, and found in pursuit of her own healing, she can help others heal themselves.

“I started making hemp based bath bombs for myself and as gifts for others…then I created the Magick balm to help relieve pain, soreness, and inflammation from my shoulder without the use of any pharmaceuticals. After much relief, I started giving it away to friends and family to help ease their pain. The balm offered many people the relief they needed.”

​After witnessing the healing that others were experiencing as a result of her own homemade creations, Diana knew she had to make them available to everyone and Mota Magick was born.

Diana in meditative position
cannabis plant graphic
Image by Nahil Naseer

Our Practices

We handcraft hemp derived CBD pain relief body balm, oils, body butter, and bath bombs which may be utilized to encourage self-love, kindness and compassion for ourselves and each other, with intention and herbal magick.

Harness the Magick of Mota

Experience the beneficial powerful properties of herbal, hemp based plant medicine.

Forever Fresh

Every item is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness.

 All Natural Nourishment

 We use only simple, natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Thank you for your support


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